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What Garrow Title Agency Can Do
For You

Serving You.

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Making the decision to sell your home For Sale By Owner can be overwhelming. We understand the stresses that come with this type of transaction, and we're here to help. At Garrow Title Agency, we are committed to supporting you through the entire process. With our many years of service and available resources, we can ensure all your questions get answered and your experience is one that is smooth and successful. For your FREE For Sale By Owner packet, click the button below! 

Services Provided on Your Behalf

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Communicate with all parties to the transaction, including Buyer’s lender.

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Prepare and review title commitments

that will be provided to all parties.

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Assist in ordering payoffs as well as
obtaining releases and other
documents required to transfer title.

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Assist Seller in preparation of Seller’s required documents to transfer title.

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Escrow funds on behalf of Buyers and

Sellers in a protected Escrow Account.

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Disburse funds and signed documents

to all parties.

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Recording of documents with county Register of Deeds in a timely fashion. 

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